Letter to PA Supreme Court Disciplinary Board Chief Counsel

1.9.18 Letter to Killion re Stacy Parks Miller

Dear Mr. Killion:

I write regarding the Disciplinary Board proceedings against former Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.

Although the board has collected evidence of wrongdoing by Parks Miller (2.22.17 Disciplinary Board Petition for Discipline) and has scheduled several public hearings to review the allegations in the petition and consider sanctions, these hearings have been repeatedly postponed. It is my understanding that there may be a private settlement under negotiation.

I would like to urge you and the disciplinary board not to engage in a private settlement of Parks Miller’s case, but to proceed with a public hearing and public imposition of sanctions.

I have published extensively about the controversies surrounding her tenure (see attached). Parks Miller committed her ethical and legal infractions while acting as a public official. As a result, unlike a private attorney, the damage she has inflicted on victims is private and public.

In sum, through her actions, she has compromised the integrity of the entire Centre County judicial system, and parts of the state judiciary as well, through her manipulation of the Krumenacker grand jury in Western Pennsylvania.

Recovery from the Parks Miller damage in Centre County will take years, if the damage can be repaired at all. Many Centre County residents believe with good reason that our judges are corrupt, that cases are fixed, and that our chief law enforcement officer is above the law, not held accountable for crimes as ordinary citizens are.

With good reason, we do not believe our judicial system is fair and impartial, nor that it even has the appearance of being fair and impartial.

For our new district attorney and our current group of judges to rebuild public trust in the county judicial system, they – and the county citizens they serve – need the full and public support of the disciplinary board, through an open, public disciplinary proceeding against Parks Miller.


Katherine Watt

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