Bailiwick News – May 21, 2018

SCBWA May 17 easement vote, UAJA financial/legal liability for public water contamination, and the power to make things better. – 5.21.18 Bailiwick News (PDF)

Continuation from 5.1.18 Bailiwick News and 5.7.18 Bailiwick News

Figure 1 – Provided by Penn State, June 22, 2017 Press Release. Red = 46 acres. Blue = 60 acres. Green = 100 acres. Yellow = 402 acres: (237 acres north of Rt. 45, 165 acres south of Rt. 45)

2 thoughts on “Bailiwick News – May 21, 2018

  1. Katherine
    One thing that you missed in your analysis: It is not Toll Brothers that wanted the easement on water authority land. They did not even bother coming to the meeting to argue for the easement. It was UAJA, who wanted to have better access to the pipe and to negotiate the material of the pipe. Corey Miller made his case and SCBWA was not convinced so they did not support the easement. I think that it is unlikely that Toll Brothers will pursue this any farther and UAJA will own a pipe under a road instead of a pipe under soil.
    Steve Miller


    • Actually Steve, the easement needs to be in the name of UAJA since UAJA will ultimately own the force main. Thus, it may appear that UAJA is requesting the easement. In fact, the developer requests the easement on behalf of UAJA. Since UAJA was limited to solutions that result in a force main along Whitehall Road, UAJA expressed a preference to the developer for the easement outside of the road right of way.

      If UAJA were allowed to serve this property and the park in the way that is in the best interest of UAJA and the environment, UAJA would have been asking for a gravity sewer down to Slab Cabin Run and then along Slab Cabin Run to the existing interceptor sewer near CVS at South Atherton Street. UAJA suggested that as a comment to the planning module. That, however, is not politically possible because the gravity sewer would be outside the sewer service boundary.

      Cory Miller
      Executive Director


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