2 thoughts on “Bailiwick News – September 19, 2018

  1. Thanks for this informative column. Interestingly enough, the withholding of exculpatory and/or contradictory evidence happened in the cases brought against Curley, Schultz, and Spanier.


  2. This is excellent. I and two others currently have a complaint before the PA Disciplinary Board with regard to the misconduct in the Penn State administrators matter. The original complaint addresses the relationship between Prosecutor Frank Fina and former Penn State General Counsel Cynthia Baldwin. The other element, however, is that the whole case was built on the “anal intercourse” misrepresentation in the Grand Jury Presentment (admitted by Assistant Prosecutor Jonelle Eshbach in order to bolster their case). Once those words were out there, all else didn’t matter. Seems the prosecution can put whatever it wants out there, or leave whatever it wants out of its case; facts be damned — that should scare all of us. It happens to people all the time and they can’t fight back. Anyway, I heard from counsel yesterday; they’re optimistic for a positive outcome, but the decision isn’t out yet and nothing’s ever a certain in Pennsylvania. It would be great if you would do a piece on that as well sometime.

    Thanks for your diligence!


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