Borough Council Campaign – Ballot Access Update

While we were waiting last Tuesday for a COG General Forum meeting to start, a friend mentioned to me that he thought I could still get on the Nov. 5 general election ballot as a non-major-party candidate, by circulating “nominating papers” for signatures.

And since I think would be fun to offer State College voters a way to register a protest against business-as-usual, and especially fun if I got elected and could register that protest vote on Borough Council and at General Forum for the next few years (or as long as State College is a member of COG), I went to the Centre County elections office to find out more.

I learned that I could get on the November ballot as an unaffiliated candidate if I get at least 48 188 valid signatures of any registered State College voters – Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Greens, Libertarians, any other political party, and unaffiliateds.

[Updated 6/3/2019: 48  represents two percent of the votes received by the highest vote-getting candidate in the last municipal election: Don Hahn in the 2017 mayor election, who got 2,375 votes, according to Joyce McKinley, Director of Centre County Elections and Voter Registration.]

I have the nomination papers and a few supporters are already circulating them to collect signatures. The signatures will have to be collected and submitted by August 1.

My platform can be summed up as non-partisan, pro-populist, anti-corporatist, pot-stirring confrontation and obstruction of the-powers-that-be. See also: Campaign Info Sheet.

Anyone interested in signing the nominating papers and/or circulating papers to get other signatures, please contact me by email or by phone (237-0996)

Also, I plan to make some sandwich board signs and stand on street-corners downtown wearing them, and asking passersby (if registered to vote in State College) to sign the nominating papers.

Since I’m an introvert, if any extroverted readers would like to keep me company for short periods of time every once in awhile, I would welcome the help.

Even if you personally don’t want to vote for me, or see me serve on Borough Council, if you want other voters to have options apart from the two main political parties, please consider signing the papers.


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