Letter of Interest – Interim Mayor Position

At my neighbor Jeff’s urging, I submitted a letter of interest regarding the State College Borough Council’s appointment of an interim mayor to complete Mayor Don Hahn’s term, as he leaves the position to take up a Magistrate District Judge position.

Below is my letter of interest:

“I have worked on citizen campaigns for the last 15 years as a writer, editor, publisher, community organizer and paralegal, to increase local control over ecosystem conservation for food and water security, and increase local control over public budgets to reduce the amount of taxpayer money used to subsidize the private profits of real estate developers, corporate Penn State, and other corporate entities.

I ran for Borough Council in 2019 as an unaffiliated, independent candidate, to pursue the same goals.

I have a hostile stance toward Penn State Board of Trustees President Mark Dambly, University CFO David Gray and University President Eric Barron, because I believe they are poor leaders: corrupt and unaccountable to the public for financial decisions made on behalf of corporate Penn State; I believe that their profiteering decisions harm the people of State College (including the 75-80% of residents who are students being financially gouged and rendered debt-slaves to pay for their education and housing, and the 20-25% of residents who own and occupy family homes and are being gouged to provide public services and student housing through corporate Penn State’s burden-shifting.)

I am interested in bringing this protective perspective about the abusive relationship between corporate Penn State and the people of State College, into the public forum of Borough Council meetings and using the platform of the office of Mayor to mobilize local public opinion and support local legislative action to set boundaries on corporate Penn State’s abuse of its financial and political power; increase corporate Penn State’s public accountability for its financial dealings through increased transparency of corporate financial records; and increase the financial and political power of State College residents to protect and increase our food and water security.”

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