Bailiwick News – February 13, 2020

2.13.20 Bailiwick News – Recent post roundup: Millbrook Marsh boardwalks falling apart; DEP blesses Penn State plan to spew more pollutants on State College citizens; effort to pry zoning rewrite records from State College government secret-keepers; HB-1813 – Securing the right to local community self-government; book recommendation – Murray Bookchin’s The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy; Flat Affect Greetings; Bound Volumes @ $20 each.

Updates since original posts were posted:

On the West Campus Steam Plant expansion, Bailiwick wondered Jan. 18: “Will Borough Council enforce the Home Rule Charter to protect the people of State College against the corporate-state predations of Penn State and the DEP?”

Answer from Borough Council: No. The DEP published the final notice of approval in the Pa. Bulletin, Volume 50, Issue 6, at p. 858, on Feb. 8, 2020, with nary a peep of public resistance from Borough Council.

Consider this whenever any Borough Council members ever bloviate in future about their commitment to “sustainability” and “climate change” mitigation.

On the appeal to the Pa. Office of Open Records, of State College’s withholding a key, taxpayer-funded zoning ordinance rewrite document from the public, the OOR originally said it would render a decision on or before February 20, but has since asked the Borough for more information and asked me for a two-week extension for its decision, to which I consented. So the decision is now expected first week of March.


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