Hiatus Update – February 27, 2020

Still holding back on more reporting until I see signs that local government understands the predicaments of global corporate centralization and is prepared to take up relocalization seriously.


Still printmaking – some of them may be available downtown at Nittany Quill in the next week or so.

Still developing a fiction series about Lessshittyopia, circa 2030.

Tightening up the website in the meantime, and giving up Internet for Lent, except for twice weekly email checks on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Bound volumes available for $20 each. Call 237-0996, email kw.investigations.llc@gmail.com, or stop by/write to me at 156 West Hamilton Ave. to purchase. Cash or check only: the revolution will not be online.

  • Energy Sovereignty: 2011-2013 – Information originally published at Spring Creek Homesteading Fund’s website, about the 2011 State College Community Environmental Bill of Rights campaign, and information published at the Energy Sovereignty website regarding the 2013 citizen campaign to stop the Penn State/Columbia Gas high-pressure natural gas transmission line through the Highlands neighborhood of State College Pennsylvania.
  • Steady State College & Voices: 2013-2015 – Steady State College was a print and online newspaper published from September 2013 to September 2014, focused primarily on Penn State’s energy strategic planning in the aftermath of the 2013 Columbia Gas pipeline fight, and initial coverage of Friends & Farmers Cooperative. Voices of Central Pennsylvania was an independent newspaper founded in 1993. This volume includes essays by Katherine Watt published in Voices between December 2013 and September 2015.
  • Watershed Protection: Citizen Campaigns 2015-2018 – Compilation of independent citizen journalism related to watershed and farmland protection campaigns that took place between 2015 and 2018 in Centre County, Pennsylvania, primarily to block watershed and farmland destruction along Whitehall Road in Ferguson Township, upgradient from the State College area’s two main public water supply wellfields. Most of the content was originally distributed via a Change.org petition to the 2015 Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors, as email updates to the petition’s 2,479 signatories.
  • Bailiwick News Volume 1 – Sept. 2016 – June 2017 – Bailiwick News is a free, independent, adversarial newspaper founded in 2016 to offer reporting and critical analysis of Centre County, Pennsylvania public affairs, with a focus on public corruption, government accountability and ecological resilience. Back issues archived online.
  • Bailiwick News Volume 2 – Oct. 2017 – Dec. 2018
  • Bailiwick News Volume 3 – Jan. – Dec. 2019

How most of the food, fuel and fertilizer used in the Centre Region gets here.



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