For readers who sew, here’s a pattern for making facemasks for medical workers.

Website is – Facemask Frenzy at

There’s a four-minute instructional video there too.

I’m making a few today – will post photos of results.

I realize they may not be as effective as N-95 disposable masks, but since those are in catastrophically short supply, fabric masks are better than nothing until domestic N-95 mask production and distribution ramp up. Also they’re washable.

I don’t know yet exactly how to get them to hospitals and clinics in need – Mount Nittany Medical Center may be okay so far, but New Jersey, New York City, and Florida and Seattle hospital and clinic workers need help.

I’ll keep looking into it and if readers have information about how to get fabric masks into the hands of doctors, nurses and other health care workers, please let me know.

I think Joann’s is doing collections in Florida.

UPDATE: CBSNews has a list of links for donating supplies.

Alert readers may recognize the fabric – it’s some of the Spring Creek Homesteading tablecloths.


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