First batch of facemasks.

First five masks sewed yesterday and today, mailed out today to Your Friends in New York, a donation center set up by Kerby Jean-Raymond.

There are more resources now for how to get masks to nurses, doctors and other medical staff who need them.

One is, linked from the New England Complex Systems Institute, which is doing some excellent public policy outreach about the pandemic response process.

RosieSews has a volunteer signup form and at the bottom of their site are links to other organizations working to match medical supplies with people who need them. Several Pennsylvania hospitals in Philadelphia, Scranton and Feasterville, are calling for donated supplies through the Google spreadsheet, including a tab-sheet listing “Facilities accepting cloth masks” located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, California, Washington, Texas and several other states.

I’m aiming to make 2-3 masks per day, and send a package out roughly twice a week to facilities on that list.

If readers who make masks want to drop them off at my house so you can avoid trips to the post office, feel free to do that. (The State College post office on Fraser St. is using a six-foot distancing procedure for customers in the lobby, but the staff are not wearing masks or gloves, at least as of today.)

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