Bailiwick News Volume 4 – Year-to-Date

BAILIWICK NEWS VOLUME 4 – Jan. to Dec. 2020

Civics, Ecological Resilience & Corporate/Government Corruption – Volume 4

  • 1.1.20 Bailiwick News – Look back at 2019, look ahead at 2020
  • 1.14.20 Bailiwick News – Further attempts to ask State College Borough Council to block Penn State’s West Campus Steam Plant expansion, or at least publicly investigate and plan for the likely public health and air quality degradation.
  • 1.17.20 Bailiwick News – Scaffolding: Tools and things to think about while we wait for the collapse to pick up speed and for our local civic institutions to start addressing the local fallout.
  • 2.13.20 Bailiwick News – Recent post roundup: Millbrook Marsh boardwalks falling apart; DEP blesses Penn State plan to spew more pollutants on State College citizens; effort to pry zoning rewrite records from State College government secret-keepers; HB-1813 – Securing the right to local community self-government; book recommendation – Murray Bookchin’s The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy; Flat Affect Greetings; Bound Volumes @ $20 each.
  • 3.2.20 Bailiwick News – Totalitarian Zoning: How, when, where and which local unelected, taxpayer-funded totalitarian managerial elites narrow the range of policy options elected officials and citizens are allowed to consider, to ensure pre-ordained outcomes that screw riffraff to benefit elites.
  • 4.27.20 Bailiwick News – What foods can be grown and raised in Centre County, Pennsylvania; Publishing Updates; Thoughts from the Edge of Appalachia.
  • 5.9.20 Bailiwick News – COVID-time posts (compilation)

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