Bailiwick News Archives

VOLUME 1 – Sept. 2016 to June 2017

Civics – Volume 1

Ecological Resilience & Corporate/Government Corruption – Volume 1

  • 9.9.16 Bailiwick News – Part 1: Court ruling against Ferguson Township student housing development impacts regional planning.
  • 9.16.16 Bailiwick News – Part 2: Some municipal legislators reluctant to continue investing taxpayer funds in Whitehall Road Regional Park development.
  • 9.30.16 Bailiwick News – Part 3: Municipal leaders quietly wrestling with Whitehall Road Regional Park planning.
  • 10.7.16 Bailiwick News – Local governments need to strengthen and enforce water protections. (Standalone piece)
  • 10.21.16 Bailiwick News – Part 4: Public debate on land development and water protection in Slab Cabin Run watershed continues.
  • 11.4.16 Bailiwick News – Regional planning and municipal zoning as they relate to water, sewer, land use, housing development and population growth. (Standalone piece)
  • 12.2.16 Bailiwick News – Part 5: Continuing public discussion of water protection and land development tensions.
  • 12.23.16 Bailiwick News – Part 6: Water and farmland protection update.
  • 3.1.17 Bailiwick News – Part 7: Whitehall Road Regional Park as a case-study revealing fault lines in regional governing structures.
  • 3.9.17 Bailiwick News – Part 8: Whitehall Road Regional Park planning and financing as a case study in regional governance.
  • 3.24.17 Bailiwick News – Part 9: Non-overlapping Venn diagram circles: design and funding discussions for Whitehall Road Regional Park.
  • 6.6.17 Bailiwick News – Part 10A: The battle for the Slab Cabin Run watershed and the ecological and political future of the Centre Region community.
  • 6.13.17 Bailiwick News – Part 10B: The battle for the Slab Cabin Run watershed and the political and ecological future of the Centre Region.

Centre County Judicial System Corruption – Volume 1

  • 12.16.16 Bailiwick News – Part 1: 2017 District Attorney race highlights prosecutor accountability to voters, jurors and defendants.
  • 1.6.17 Bailiwick News – Part 2: Digging into the original criminal allegations made against District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.
  • 1.20.17 Bailiwick News – Part 3: Centre County court texting controversy and the PA Right to Know Law.
  • 2.5.17 Bailiwick News – Part 4: Are the prosecutor-judge texts tuna casserole recipes and cat pictures? Late January filings to block independent review suggest the answer: No.
  • 4.21.17 Bailiwick News – Part 5: Weighing competing values: government secrecy, individual privacy and public accountability.
  • 5.8.17 Bailiwick News – Part 6A: Timothy Piazza, Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Penn State Inter-fraternity Council, Pennsylvania investigating grand juries and the Centre County court credibility crisis.
  • 5.13.17 Bailiwick News – Part 6B: Critical analysis: Piazza’s death, the Centre County court credibility crisis, Beta Theta Pi fraternity, corporate Penn State profiteering, and possibilities for change.

VOLUME 2 – Oct. 2017 to Dec. 2018

Ecological Resilience & Corporate/Government Corruption – Volume 2

  • 10.10.17 Bailiwick News – A Tale of Two Penn States: continued coverage of Slab Cabin Run campaign (1999 – 2017 background/recap and June 2017 occupation reporting)
  • 12.19.17 Bailiwick News – Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition incorporating, preparing Constitutional challenge to Penn State’s tax exemptions.
  • 2.10.18 Bailiwick News – Reader Editorial: An unflinching look at Penn State’s ugly environmental leadership failures.
  • 2.23.18 Bailiwick News – Economic v. environmental impact: an agonizing neighbor-against-neighbor choice that Centre County citizens should move beyond, into win-win.
  • 3.1.18 Bailiwick News – Upcoming meetings and citizen statements on Nestle proposal.
  • 3.15.18 Bailiwick News – Costello-Boeckel exchange explores need to plan for land development’s cumulative impacts
  • 3.18.18 Bailiwick News – Centre County Infrastructure Security and Public Water: Campaign Updates
  • 3.27.18 Bailiwick News (Morning Edition) – Transcription of Term Sheet between STWA and NWNA, adopted by STWA Feb. 28, 2018
  • 3.27.18 Bailiwick News (Evening Edition) – Contract for the People v. Contract on the People – Alternative Term Sheet Proposal
  • 4.7.18 Bailiwick News – David Roberts Rebuttal to Dan Hawbaker Advertisement
  • 4.8.18 Bailiwick News – Liability for water contamination: Who will pay?
  • 5.1.18 Bailiwick News – April 19, 2018 SCBWA meeting, transcript excerpts
  • 5.7.18 Bailiwick News – State College Borough Water Authority preparing to vote on Toll Brothers April 2018 application for easement to construct sewage pipeline across SCBWA-owned, deed-restricted land.
  • 5.21.18 Bailiwick News – SCBWA May 17 easement vote, UAJA financial/legal liability for public water contamination, and the power to make things better.
  • 6.29.18 Bailiwick News – Spring Creek Watershed Action Plan Updates
  • 7.15.18 Bailiwick News – Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition July 9, 2018 Memorandum to Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority Board regarding Whitehall Road Regional Park Design Considerations
  • 10.4.18 Bailiwick News – The Shit Pit emerges from the shadows at last: Toll Brothers “Cottages” and Whitehall Road Regional Park updates
  • 10.26.18 Bailiwick News – Public comment and exhibits to Centre Region Council of Governments General Forum regarding sewage infrastructure, process (PDF 59 pp., 29 MB)
  • 12.21.18 Bailiwick News – “In Re: Whitehall Road Property”

Centre County Judicial System Corruption – Volume 2

  • 4.19.18 Bailiwick News – Catching up with former District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller and her lingering impact on the Centre County justice system
  • 4.20.18 Bailiwick News – PA Supreme Court Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Petition for Discipline regarding former Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller
  • 7.10.18 Bailiwick News – Beta Theta Pi prosecutions and Tim’s Law: dilemmas in balancing individual liberty with public safety (‘Due Process and Alcohol Abuse in Centre County’ Series Part 1)
  • 8.8.18 Bailiwick News – Summer 2017 Beta Theta Pi Preliminary Hearing (Part 2)
  • 9.5.18 Bailiwick News – Pro se Motion to Intervene, Motion for Access to Judicial Record and Memorandum of Law (Part 3)
  • 9.19.18 Bailiwick News – Correcting false narrative of Beta Theta Pi events (Part 4)

Bailiwick News Underground – Volume 2

Occasional political satire, parody and allegory.

VOLUME 3 – Jan. to Dec. 2019

Civics – Volume 3

Ecological Resilience & Corporate/Government Corruption – Volume 3

  • 1.17.19 Bailiwick News – Reader Editorial: On the lack of enforcement tools within the proposed Spring Creek Water Resource Management Plan
  • 1.30.19 Bailiwick News – August 2013 citizen petition re: high-rise zoning; UAJA’s “rigorous justification” for EDU policy.
  • 1.31.19 Bailiwick News – Who Runs Penn State?
  • 2.6.19 Bailiwick News – Halfmoon Township Board of Supervisors seeking bump-out of Regional Growth Boundary and Sewer Service Area by 935 acres, for developers to convert farmland and forest to housing.
  • 2.14.19 Bailiwick News – Addendum to Feb. 6, 2019 Bailiwick News: University Area Joint Authority review of DRI application; citizen activism; critical analysis
  • 3.3.19 Bailiwick News – Benner Township Supervisors mull weakening watershed protection in Spring Creek Canyon; Halfmoon Township DRI Update
  • 3.8.19 Bailiwick News – Benner Township Supervisors respond to public concerns about Spring Creek Canyon overlay zoning repeal proposal.
  • 4.4.19 Bailiwick News – Spring Creek Canyon conservation: updates and public comments to Benner Township by Trout Unlimited and ClearWater Conservancy.
  • 4.5.19 Bailiwick News – Musser Gap to Valleylands Project (PDF 81.2 MB due to color maps).
  • 6.10.19 Bailiwick News – Elegy for a Small Woodlot
  • 7.29.19 Bailiwick News – Degrowth for the Centre Region: What could it look like?
  • 7.30.19 Bailiwick News – Pine Hall Forest: A Ferguson Township Treasure at Risk
  • 8.19.19 Bailiwick News – Candidate responses to Sierra Club questions
  • 11.14.19 Bailiwick News – Air quality/public health threat updates: Penn State plans for West Campus Steam Plant expansion; UAJA sewage plant upgrade problems.
  • 11.22.19 Bailiwick News – Reader Editorial: On the public health impacts of chronic, low-level exposure to microwave communication (5G) signals from wireless devices.
  • 11.26.19 Bailiwick News – Three letters. (Compilation of recent public letters to Penn State officials, DEP officials and COG officials).
  • 12.3.19 Bailiwick News – NVEC Letter to Pa. DEP requesting public hearing on Penn State’s plan to add a Combustion Turbine-Heat Recovery Steam Generation unit to the West Campus Steam Plant in downtown State College.

Centre County Judicial System Corruption – Volume 3

  • 2.27.19 Bailiwick News – Six-year disciplinary investigation of former Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller concludes with one-year law license suspension. Part 1 of series.
  • 3.11.19 Bailiwick News – Parks Miller v. Shutt: Update on civil litigation regarding alleged breach of fiduciary duty.
  • 3.27.19 Bailiwick News – Former DA Stacy Parks Miller, the attorney disciplinary process, and the grand jury judge. Part 2 of series.

VOLUME 4 – Jan. to Dec. 2020

Civics, Ecological Resilience & Corporate/Government Corruption – Volume 4

  • 1.1.20 Bailiwick News – Look back at 2019, look ahead at 2020
  • 1.14.20 Bailiwick News – Further attempts to ask State College Borough Council to block Penn State’s West Campus Steam Plant expansion, or at least publicly investigate and plan for the likely public health and air quality degradation.
  • 1.17.20 Bailiwick News – Scaffolding: Tools and things to think about while we wait for the collapse to pick up speed and for our local civic institutions to start addressing the local fallout.
  • 2.13.20 Bailiwick News – Recent post roundup: Millbrook Marsh boardwalks falling apart; DEP blesses Penn State plan to spew more pollutants on State College citizens; effort to pry zoning rewrite records from State College government secret-keepers; HB-1813 – Securing the right to local community self-government; book recommendation – Murray Bookchin’s The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy; Flat Affect Greetings; Bound Volumes @ $20 each.
  • 3.2.20 Bailiwick News – Totalitarian Zoning: How, when, where and which local unelected, taxpayer-funded totalitarian managerial elites narrow the range of policy options elected officials and citizens are allowed to consider, to ensure pre-ordained outcomes that screw riffraff to benefit elites.