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VOLUME 3 – January to December 2019

Penn State Corporate Corruption

VOLUME 3 – January to December 2019

  • 1.31.19 Bailiwick News – Who Runs Penn State?
  • 11.26.19 Bailiwick News – Three letters. (Compilation of recent public letters to Penn State officials, DEP officials and COG officials).
  • 12.3.19 Bailiwick News – NVEC Letter to Pa. DEP requesting public hearing on Penn State’s plan to add a Combustion Turbine-Heat Recovery Steam Generation unit to the West Campus Steam Plant in downtown State College.

Centre County Judicial System Corruption

2017 Centre County District Attorney Race; DA Stacy Parks Miller Controversies; Beta Theta Pi Prosecutions

VOLUME 1 – September 2016 to June 2017

  • 12.16.16 Bailiwick News – Part 1: 2017 District Attorney race highlights prosecutor accountability to voters, jurors and defendants.
  • 1.6.17 Bailiwick News – Part 2: Digging into the original criminal allegations made against District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.
  • 1.20.17 Bailiwick News – Part 3: Centre County court texting controversy and the PA Right to Know Law.
  • 2.5.17 Bailiwick News – Part 4: Are the prosecutor-judge texts tuna casserole recipes and cat pictures? Late January filings to block independent review suggest the answer: No.
  • 4.21.17 Bailiwick News – Part 5: Weighing competing values: government secrecy, individual privacy and public accountability.
  • 5.8.17 Bailiwick News – Part 6A: Timothy Piazza, Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Penn State Inter-fraternity Council, Pennsylvania investigating grand juries and the Centre County court credibility crisis.
  • 5.13.17 Bailiwick News – Part 6B: Critical analysis: Piazza’s death, the Centre County court credibility crisis, Beta Theta Pi fraternity, corporate Penn State profiteering, and possibilities for change.

VOLUME 2 – October 2017 to December 2018

  • 4.19.18 Bailiwick News – Catching up with former District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller and her lingering impact on the Centre County justice system
  • 4.20.18 Bailiwick News – PA Supreme Court Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Petition for Discipline regarding former Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller
  • 7.10.18 Bailiwick News – Beta Theta Pi prosecutions and Tim’s Law: dilemmas in balancing individual liberty with public safety (‘Due Process and Alcohol Abuse in Centre County’ Series Part 1)
  • 8.8.18 Bailiwick News – Summer 2017 Beta Theta Pi Preliminary Hearing (Part 2)
  • 9.5.18 Bailiwick News – Pro se Motion to Intervene, Motion for Access to Judicial Record and Memorandum of Law (Part 3)
  • 9.19.18 Bailiwick News – Correcting false narrative of Beta Theta Pi events (Part 4)

VOLUME 3 – January to December 2019

  • 2.27.19 Bailiwick News – Six-year disciplinary investigation of former Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller concludes with one-year law license suspension. Part 1 of series.
  • 3.11.19 Bailiwick News – Parks Miller v. Shutt: Update on civil litigation regarding alleged breach of fiduciary duty.
  • 3.27.19 Bailiwick News – Former DA Stacy Parks Miller, the attorney disciplinary process, and the grand jury judge. Part 2 of series.

Ecological Resilience; Penn State Corporate Corruption; Centre Region Public Corruption

Regional Water and Farmland Threats and Protection Campaigns

VOLUME 1 – September 2016 to June 2017

  • 9.9.16 Bailiwick News – Part 1: Court ruling against Ferguson Township student housing development impacts regional planning.
  • 9.16.16 Bailiwick News – Part 2: Some municipal legislators reluctant to continue investing taxpayer funds in Whitehall Road Regional Park development.
  • 9.30.16 Bailiwick News – Part 3: Municipal leaders quietly wrestling with Whitehall Road Regional Park planning.
  • 10.7.16 Bailiwick News – Local governments need to strengthen and enforce water protections. (Standalone piece)
  • 10.21.16 Bailiwick News – Part 4: Public debate on land development and water protection in Slab Cabin Run watershed continues.
  • 11.4.16 Bailiwick News – Regional planning and municipal zoning as they relate to water, sewer, land use, housing development and population growth. (Standalone piece)
  • 12.2.16 Bailiwick News – Part 5: Continuing public discussion of water protection and land development tensions.
  • 12.23.16 Bailiwick News – Part 6: Water and farmland protection update.
  • 3.1.17 Bailiwick News – Part 7: Whitehall Road Regional Park as a case-study revealing fault lines in regional governing structures.
  • 3.9.17 Bailiwick News – Part 8: Whitehall Road Regional Park planning and financing as a case study in regional governance.
  • 3.24.17 Bailiwick News – Part 9: Non-overlapping Venn diagram circles: design and funding discussions for Whitehall Road Regional Park.
  • 6.6.17 Bailiwick News – Part 10A: The battle for the Slab Cabin Run watershed and the ecological and political future of the Centre Region community.
  • 6.13.17 Bailiwick News – Part 10B: The battle for the Slab Cabin Run watershed and the political and ecological future of the Centre Region.

VOLUME 2 – October 2017 – December 2018

  • 10.10.17 Bailiwick News – A Tale of Two Penn States: continued coverage of Slab Cabin Run campaign (1999 – 2017 background/recap and June 2017 occupation reporting)
  • 12.19.17 Bailiwick News – Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition incorporating, preparing Constitutional challenge to Penn State’s tax exemptions.
  • 2.10.18 Bailiwick News – Reader Editorial: An unflinching look at Penn State’s ugly environmental leadership failures.
  • 2.23.18 Bailiwick News – Economic v. environmental impact: an agonizing neighbor-against-neighbor choice that Centre County citizens should move beyond, into win-win.
  • 3.1.18 Bailiwick News – Upcoming meetings and citizen statements on Nestle proposal.
  • 3.15.18 Bailiwick News – Costello-Boeckel exchange explores need to plan for land development’s cumulative impacts
  • 3.18.18 Bailiwick News – Centre County Infrastructure Security and Public Water: Campaign Updates
  • 3.27.18 Bailiwick News (Morning Edition) – Transcription of Term Sheet between STWA and NWNA, adopted by STWA Feb. 28, 2018
  • 3.27.18 Bailiwick News (Evening Edition) – Contract for the People v. Contract on the People – Alternative Term Sheet Proposal
  • 4.7.18 Bailiwick News – David Roberts Rebuttal to Dan Hawbaker Advertisement
  • 4.8.18 Bailiwick News – Liability for water contamination: Who will pay?
  • 5.1.18 Bailiwick News – April 19, 2018 SCBWA meeting, transcript excerpts
  • 5.7.18 Bailiwick News – State College Borough Water Authority preparing to vote on Toll Brothers April 2018 application for easement to construct sewage pipeline across SCBWA-owned, deed-restricted land.
  • 5.21.18 Bailiwick News – SCBWA May 17 easement vote, UAJA financial/legal liability for public water contamination, and the power to make things better.
  • 6.29.18 Bailiwick News – Spring Creek Watershed Action Plan Updates
  • 7.15.18 Bailiwick News – Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition July 9, 2018 Memorandum to Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority Board regarding Whitehall Road Regional Park Design Considerations
  • 10.4.18 Bailiwick News – The Shit Pit emerges from the shadows at last: Toll Brothers “Cottages” and Whitehall Road Regional Park updates
  • 10.26.18 Bailiwick News – Public comment and exhibits to Centre Region Council of Governments General Forum regarding sewage infrastructure, process (PDF 59 pp., 29 MB)
  • 12.21.18 Bailiwick News – “In Re: Whitehall Road Property”

VOLUME 3 – January to December 2019

  • 1.17.19 Bailiwick News – Reader Editorial: On the lack of enforcement tools within the proposed Spring Creek Water Resource Management Plan
  • 1.30.19 Bailiwick News – August 2013 citizen petition re: high-rise zoning; UAJA’s “rigorous justification” for EDU policy.
  • 2.6.19 Bailiwick News – Halfmoon Township Board of Supervisors seeking bump-out of Regional Growth Boundary and Sewer Service Area by 935 acres, for developers to convert farmland and forest to housing.
  • 2.14.19 Bailiwick News – Addendum to Feb. 6, 2019 Bailiwick News: University Area Joint Authority review of DRI application; citizen activism; critical analysis
  • 3.3.19 Bailiwick News – Benner Township Supervisors mull weakening watershed protection in Spring Creek Canyon; Halfmoon Township DRI Update
  • 3.8.19 Bailiwick News – Benner Township Supervisors respond to public concerns about Spring Creek Canyon overlay zoning repeal proposal.
  • 4.4.19 Bailiwick News – Spring Creek Canyon conservation: updates and public comments to Benner Township by Trout Unlimited and ClearWater Conservancy.
  • 4.5.19 Bailiwick News – Musser Gap to Valleylands Project (PDF 81.2 MB due to color maps).
  • 6.10.19 Bailiwick News – Elegy for a Small Woodlot
  • 7.29.19 Bailiwick News – Degrowth for the Centre Region: What could it look like?
  • 7.30.19 Bailiwick News – Pine Hall Forest: A Ferguson Township Treasure at Risk
  • 8.19.19 Bailiwick News – Candidate responses to Sierra Club questions
  • 11.14.19 Bailiwick News – Air quality/public health threat updates: Penn State plans for West Campus Steam Plant expansion; UAJA sewage plant upgrade problems.
  • 11.22.19 Bailiwick News – Reader Editorial: On the public health impacts of chronic, low-level exposure to microwave communication signals from wireless devices.
  • 11.26.19 Bailiwick News – Three letters. (Compilation of recent public letters to Penn State officials, DEP officials and COG officials).
  • 12.3.19 Bailiwick News – NVEC Letter to Pa. DEP requesting public hearing on Penn State’s plan to add a Combustion Turbine-Heat Recovery Steam Generation unit to the West Campus Steam Plant in downtown State College.

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