Good Local Food Reports

Three useful reports:

2001 Energy Conservation and Food Production in Local Food Systems, Sheffer Thesis – (128 pp., 150 MB) – Masters thesis written by Eric Allen Sheffer in the Penn State Masters of Science Program, Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, under the direction of Christopher Uhl (Biology), Heather Karsten (Crop Production/Ecology) and Bill Lamont (Vegetable Crops). Covers historical data on energy needs for local and non-local food supply chains, and includes a chapter on “The potential for a locally produced diet in Centre County, Pennsylvania” based on local soils, precipitation patterns and climate. Appendices include specific crop lists and land area calculations to meet caloric/nutritional needs of local population.

2006 Tompkins County Relocalization Project Outline (21 pp.) – Early effort by a county-level citizens’ group in New York state, to think through adaptations for food security, water security, home-heating energy, transportation, health care, and other human needs in the low-carbon, high-poverty era into which Americans have been falling – more or less rapidly and debt-disguised – since 1970.

2019 Centre Region Planning Agency Agriculture Study (37 pp., 37 MB) – Overview: “Supporting the long-term viability of the agricultural industry in the Centre Region is a core theme of the 2013 Centre Region Comprehensive Plan. Agriculture played a pivotal role in the early settlement of the Region and has been a key component of the local economy for over 200 years. While agriculture as an industry has changed over time, ensuring that the industry is supported by local regulations is crucial to its long-term viability. This report provides information on the current state of agriculture in the Centre Region, statewide trends in agriculture, and local regulatory considerations that could help support of the current and future agricultural industry.” Includes maps of current agricultural land uses within the Centre Region, maps of soils, and analysis of municipal zoning in the six COG municipalities, as the zoning relates to agricultural land use.

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